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My first post

LifeStyle Aug 12, 2021

Welcome everyone, to my first post! I’m excited to start my blog. I have wanted to do this for quite some time. Finally, I have time to pour into this. This blog is about medical IT, system integration, Linux, Synology, gadgets, and even my lifestyle.

I started this blog because I have read countless articles online, and there needs to be more information about my profession. I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge with the world. With the rise of COVID-19, medical IT became a focal point in understanding and implementing new systems. Through this blog, I can contribute to the world and get more people interested in medical IT, home lab and development.

I have traveled the world for my work; Europe, America, and even the Middle East. In this blog, I will share my profession experiences, new ideas, inventions, and some of my many hobbies. Of course, this will also include my lifestyle. My goal is to share my experience with others. As a result, I aim to help others advance their careers, improve their lives, and give some insight into a field of profession which had been obscured for a while.

Attention must be given to detail; this is true for any business or field where one operates. In medical IT, this is even more emphasized. Because in this field, people’s lives can be at risk if mistakes are made. But attention to detail is not only for the actual work; it applies to all aspects of your life. What kind of detail am I referring to?

Second I like to share my knowledge about Synology.

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It’s time to unlock the secrets of medical IT

Update: 2 Jan 2023; Spelling, Grammar, Tone.