Avatar Gert-Jan/Garrett Timmer

Gert-Jan “Garrett” Timmer
Solution Architect
Medical IT
Age: 39

Hello, and welcome to my technology and lifestyle blog. I created this blog to share my exciting field of profession, and my views on technology, to improve my finances, and to help my readers improve their personal and professional lives.

My name is Gert-Jan, and for all my readers who got confused by my name. My legal name is hard to pronounce, so for convenience, I use the easy-to-pronounce name ‘Garrett.’ You can read all about it here.

For the past 12 years, I’ve had an exciting career which I decided to share with the world through this blog. With COVID-19 being part of our society, now is as good as any time to share, especially since my profession has quite a relationship with situations like COVID, cases where it is paramount to exchange medical information.

Currently, I’m a Solution Architect with my employer. That does sound like any other regular job in the field of IT. The exciting part of my career is that I have been working in medical IT. This blog will share insights into a field of profession that could be more well-known—a sub-field of IT which best described as medical IT system integration. Recently I have added design to that too.

I have been coding from a young age. I graduated from The Hague University with a degree in Business IT & Management. Using my background and education, I always tried to stand between business and development as a bridge connecting two worlds.


When I finished my degree, I ended up in the field of system integration for medical IT. Simply put, I tie medical systems together and make them speak the same language so that they understand each other. As some of my readers realize, it’s 2023; we live in a world of API’s. A world of integrated systems which talk to one another. While this is true regarding medical IT, it’s, unfortunately, more complex than linking two systems together through an API.

For ten years, I’ve been a consultant designing and implementing interfaces between medical systems. During this time, I acquired a lot of experience and knowledge. When it comes to creating interfaces between systems, one must develop multiple skillsets. And these skills are not all technical.

After years of consultancy I shifted my focus more on the engineering and developing side of my field, leading me to where I am now. Etoisioning new solutions, designing and creating them within medical IT. Besides my work, I have contributed to several open-source projects.

I hope to open the door to this world and give an insight into it. With this insight, I hope to provide other architects, engineers, and developers with the knowledge and the tools for designing and building applications in the beautiful field of medical IT.